Complex Systems Digital Campus
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Complex Systems Digital Campus

a UNESCO UniTwin network for the development of complex systems research

Why a Digital Campus for complex systems research ?

The Complex Systems Digital Campus is an world wide network of individuals and institutions working together and sharing resources to promote research and education in complex systems science and in integrative sciences. This large scale collaborative work will embody social intelligent strategies towards new scientific and educational practices, dealing with the difficult scientific, societal and environmental challenges of an increasingly interconnected world. See more.

CS-DC Flagship Projects ongoing since 2015

SIRE Socially Intelligent ICT ecosystem

(see cosypedia)

RAPSODY Reconstruction And Prediction of multiScale Overall Dynamics

POEM Personalized Open Education for Masses

CS-DC Flagship Projects ongoing since 2017

TIMES Territorial Intelligence for Multilevel Equity and Sustainability

(see flyer and cosypedia)

PHYSIOMES Personalized Health phYSIcally, sOcially and Mentally for Each in their networkS

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